Tobias Tycho Schalken

Tobias Tycho Schalken (b. 1972) is a versatile artist. In addition to sculptures, paintings, installations and illustrations, he has been drawing comics for more than twenty years. Together with Stefan van Dinther, he created the innovative comic anthology Eiland (Island), which caught the attention of Wired Magazine and brought the duo international acclaim. Solo, Schalken has published Balthazar, but most of his comic strips to date have appeared in Eiland and in international anthologies such as Lapin or Kramers Ergot.



(Oogachtend, 2018, 168 pagina's)

The beautiful, carefully compiled Eldorado showcases Tobias Schalken’s diverse and original work in all its glory. Surprising surreal paintings provide moments of calm between short stories that are so different they could have been written by several authors. Eldorado is a clear testament to Schalken’s unique imagination and craftsmanship.

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