Peter Zantingh

Peter Zantingh (b. 1983) is the author of the novels Een uur en achttien minuten (One Hour and Eighteen Minutes, 2011), shortlisted for the Dioraphte Award, and De eerste maandag van de maand (First Monday of the Month, 2014). He is also deputy editor-in-chief of the Saturday edition of daily newspaper NRC.

Na Mattias

Na Mattias

(Dasmag, 2018, 200 pagina's)

Nine lives intersect in a more or less random fashion, touched in one way or another by the death of Mattias. As the novel begins, we are left in the dark as to what has happened. All we know is that a young man has died. Tracing his way expertly through a tangle of storylines, Peter Zantingh subtly shows how lives touch, diverge and fold around one another. Connections that are not immediately apparent suddenly swim into focus, triggering a surge of emotion. A novel about loss and grief, chance and fate, written with haunting musicality.

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