Jeroen Koch

Jeroen Koch (b. 1962) is a historian at Utrecht University, specializing in intellectual history from the Enlightenment onwards. His earlier books include a biography of the influential neo-Calvinist theologian Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920), which attracted considerable attention. He wrote The House of Orange in War & Revolution with editorial assistance of historians Dik van de Meulen and Jeroen van Zanten.

Oranje in revolutie en oorlog

Oranje in revolutie en oorlog

Een Europese geschiedenis

(Boom, 2018, 320 pagina's)

Three kings from the House of Orange-Nassau ruled over the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 1813 to 1890, but their sovereignty was subject to constant challenge. Their life stories stretch from the latter days of the Dutch Republic to the origins of the modern Netherlands. Historian Jeroen Koch places the nineteenth-century Orange dynasty and their struggles within the broad panorama of European history.

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