Rob Ruggenberg

Rob Ruggenberg (1946-2019) was, until he was 23, just as much of an adventurer as some of his protagonists. For six years, he worked for the Dutch Royal Navy and travelled all over the world. When he later went into journalism, he kept on travelling. He made his debut as an author at the age of sixty with Het verraad van Waterdunen. This adventure story about child slaves during the Eighty Years’ War won a Vlag & Wimpel. In 2012, IJsbarbaar (2011) also received this award from the Griffel jury. Ruggenberg’s books are believable because of their combination of unfamiliar historical facts and his powerful imagination.



(Querido, 2017, 336 pagina's)

The naval battle of Sluis (1603) between the Spanish and the Dutch during the Eighty Years’ War and the story of a woman from Medemblik who ended up as a slave in the pirates’ nest of Salee (Morocco) inspired Ruggenberg to write this book. From the unusual perspective of the Moorish galley slave Zain — the son of a Dutch slave and a Barbary slave trader — Ruggenberg tells a captivating story of cruel wars, human trafficking and religious strife.

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