Gemma Venhuizen

Gemma Venhuizen (b. 1985) is a physical geographer and science journalist for and Vroege Vogels. As a student she developed a fondness for cold regions, and places where she has carried out field work include Spitsbergen, Alaska and Lapland in 24-hour daylight. She is the author of IJstijden (Ice Ages, 2014), De aarde voor in bed, op het toilet of in bad (The Earth for in Bed, 2014) and Alle bessen kun je eten (You Can Eat All the Berries, 2013).



De invloed op lichaam en geest

(Atlas Contact, 2016, 320 pagina's)

Since ancient times we have known that light influences us, but not how or why. Gemma Venhuizen has researched what exactly light is and what effect it has on our sleep, our mood, our senses and our brains. Is there a difference between natural and artificial light? And how can we use light to optimal effect, at home, in the street and at work?

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