Andrea Maier

Andrea Maier (b. 1978) was raised on medical science. After her father fled what was then the GDR, her parents established a general medical practice in West Germany. After completing her studies she moved to the Netherlands in 2003. She is an internist and professor of gerontology at the VU University in Amsterdam and at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where she is also director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Maier studies the ageing body and investigates possible preventive treatments.

Eeuwig houdbaar

Eeuwig houdbaar

De ongekende toekomst van ons lichaam

(Prometheus, 2017, 223 pagina's)

We are getting older and older. The elderly are an important topic in any political discussion about care, work and incomes. ‘Ageing’ is at the top of the European policy agenda. What to do with the growing group of ageing people who require more and more care and are an increasing burden on those who still work? Andrea Maier formulates a radical answer and writes: ‘I do not exclude the possibility that we will become immortal.’

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