Aart Taminiau

Aart Taminiau (b. 1982) is a filmmaker and comic creator. He has drawn stories for the Amsterdam comic magazines Wat Wil West and Oeverloos and in 2014 was one of the forces behind De kraker, de agent, de jurist en de stad (The Squatter, the Policeman, the Lawyer and the City), a journalistic graphic novel about problems within the squatters’ movement. Taminiau depicted interviews with the police, appropriately colouring them in blue. His magnum opus Wol (Wool), about the demise of a textile dynasty, was published at the end of 2016.



(De Bezige Bij, 2016, 176 pagina's)

Aart Taminiau does not make it easy for his readers. Wool presents a world that is on the brink of extinction. The protagonists are weary of life and they are no longer able to make any money. But just look at how ingeniously the artist depicts their situation!

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