Tim Enthoven

Tim Enthoven (b. 1985) graduated with honours from the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven, with the graphic novel Binnenskamers (Behind Closed Doors) as his final project. And ‘project’ is the right word for Binnenskamers, as this is more than just a book, having been exhibited during Dutch Design Week at the London department store Selfridges, at The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, at The Bries Space in Antwerp and at the Beijing International Book Fair. In 2012, Enthoven designed the autobiographical exhibition The Tiny Tim, the Early Years of Tim Enthoven 1994-2003 for the MU museum in Eindhoven. He created dioramas inside black boxes that featured key scenes in his artistic career, including a box of pornographic drawings that he did for the sailors when he briefly worked on a merchant ship. Enthoven has also been commissioned to create illustrations and comic strips for The New York Times Magazine, Zone 5300, Vice and Die Zeit.


  • René Smeets Prize (2010)
  • Debut prize, Stripdagen Haarlem (2012)
  • Plantin Moretus Prize (2012)


( 2007, 159 pagina's)

One reviewer referred to Enthoven’s breakthrough book as ‘slightly autistic’ and it is not hard to see why. With its very precise drawings, Binnenskamers (Behind Closed Doors) depicts a period in the life of artist Tim, who works, eats, goes to the loo, showers, sleeps and occasionally meets another person, preferably a girl.

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