Marcel Ruijters

Marcel Ruijters (b. 1966) is one of the most original graphic novelists of the Low Countries. In his earlier books Thank God It’s Ugly and Troglodytes, his fondness for mysterious and malformed creatures – something shared with Hieronymus Bosch – was already evident. Ruijters made his name internationally with stories about the Middle Ages in Sine Qua Non, Inferno and All Saints, all in his instantly recognizable ‘woodcut’ style. The three have appeared in several languages. His work has been exhibited all over the world. In 1992 he won the Best New Talent Award at the Haarlem Strip Days and in 2015 he received the Stripschap Prize, the Netherlands’ highest distinction for comic-strip creators.



(Lecturis, 2015, 160 pagina's)

Five hundred years after the death of ‘devil maker’ Hieronymus Bosch, his modern counterpart Marcel Ruijters presents a graphic novel about the life of the Netherlands’ most famous mediaeval painter.

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