Mark Hendriks

Prize-winning graphic artist Mark Hendriks is fascinated by Asia, the setting for most of his work. In 1997 he graduated from Groningen’s Minerva Art Academy, one year after winning the VSB Award for upcoming talent. He went on to receive a Slovenian Handyburger Award in 1998 and is a three-time winner of the Stripschap Prize. To date, his work has been translated into French, Japanese, Italian, Slovenian and Finnish.



De genezing van Mhusha de slagersdochter

(Scratch Books, 2015, 400 pagina's)

Hendriks’ black-and-white illustrations are stunning in their simplicity and his religious critique is razor-sharp. In Tibet, he delivers a heady mix of East Asian ink-wash art and the satirical bite of Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

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