Inge Schilperoord

Inge Schilperoord (b. 1973) works as a forensic psychologist and has published articles in NRC Handelsblad, Psychologie Magazine and Crossing Border Magazine. The English-language and French-language rights to her debut novel Muidhond (Tench) were purchased this summer, as were the film rights. The novel received the jury award of De Bronzen Uil for the best Dutch debut. It has also been longlisted for the ECI Literature Prize.



(Podium, 2015, 2221 pagina's)

One sunny morning, the narrator Jonathan is released from prison to return to his elderly mother in her sad house by the North Sea. All we are told about his crime is that he is spared from compulsory psychiatric treatment, due to lack of evidence. However, he is instructed by his psychologist to record his experiences and feelings.

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