Jan Cleijne

Jan Cleijne began his career in 2001 by illustrating children’s books and designing scenarios for Donald Duck magazine. He has since worked for a wide range of publish­ers, theatrical productions, media and museums. He is currently dividing his time between a cartoon-strip book about a man walking the Appalachian Trail, a web comic for production studio Submarine and a graphic novel called Zuidas with a script by Jantiene de Kroon.

Helden van de Tour

Helden van de Tour

A graphic novel about the world’s greatest race

(Oog & Blik, 2014, 144 pagina's)

No sport is so closely associated with heroism and suffering as cycling. No spectacle nourishes the romance of gruelling struggle quite like the Tour de France. Ideal material for a graphic novel, thought Jan Cleijne, who con­ceived a story in ten evocative stages.

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