Robert van Raffe

Robert van Raffe (b. 1982) studied Arts, Media & Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and is currently studying philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He debuted in 2005 in the magazine Zone 5300 with A conversation piece, a dialogue in painted scenes between Oscar Wilde and James Abott McNeill Whistler. Robert also goes by the name of Dandy Raffe and has published works with titles such as Dandy tegen wil & dank (A Dandy Willy-Nilly) and Dandy op herhaling (Dandy Repeats Himself).

Zonder filter

Zonder filter

(De Bezige Bij, 2014, 210 pagina's)

James Joyce’s Ulysses as the basis for a comic book: it takes a dandy like Robert van Raffe to come up with something quite this bold. Modesty is for the medio­cre! In Unfiltered, a vagabond comics artist drifts through the streets of a university town in search of insight and distraction. He knocks back the booze, he chews the fat, he suffers. Along the way he weaves a wondrous visual narrative.

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