Peter de Zwaan

Peter de Zwaan (b. 1944) started out as a journalist and a children’s author, writing the Bob Evers series. In 1992, he produced his first thriller. In his recent novel, De voeder (The Fodder, 2006), his new - but equally spineless–hero Meeks lives and works in America. In 2000, Peter de Zwaan won the Golden Noose thriller prize with his novel Het alibibureau (The Alibi Office), and has been nominated for this award no fewer than six times.

Een keel van glas

Een keel van glas

( 1997, 259 pagina's)

Peter de Zwaan writes about people on the fringe, lonely small-time criminals who become heroes, almost in spite of them­selves. The author sees this as a challenge: ‘Just try to turn a down-and-out into an attractive charac­ter. It’s much easier with a super­hero like James Bond.’

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