Eva Maria Staal

Eva Maria Staal (b. 1960) was involved in the weapons trade for years, and currently writes for the literary magazine Hollands Maandblad. With Probeer het mortuarium, her debut novel, she won the Lucy C. en B.W. van der Hoogtprijs and the Schaduwprijs 2007 (Shadow Prize), the award for the best Dutch-language suspense debut.

Probeer het mortuarium

Probeer het mortuarium

(Nieuw Amsterdam, 2007, 190 pagina's)

The past can’t be buried. It is simply not possible to draw a line under a dubious period in your life. Some day, and no one can predict quite when, the past will come knocking on your door. This is the point of departure for Eva Maria Staal’s exciting debut entitled Probeer het mortuarium (Try the Mortuary).

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