Petra Boers

Petra Boers (b. 1968) makes creative magazines and books and works as a journalist with a focus on young people. Together with Suzanne Hertogs (b. 1977), graphic artist and owner of the design company Ontwerphaven, she came up with the unique concept for DUF. Boers and Hertogs have recently created a ‘dancecyclopedia’ for young dancers, and the magazine GLAS for the National Glass Museum.

DUF 3: Waanwijs

DUF 3: Waanwijs

(Pica Pica, 2012, 304 pagina's)

How do you tempt young people to read? How can you draw them into the world of culture, history, science and media? How is it possible to surprise them nowadays with anything written on paper and how do you respond to their unstoppable urge to zap away? Give them DUF, the only truly independent ‘magazine book’ in the Netherlands, with its irresistibly quirky combination of images and information.

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