Marcel Roijaards

Marcel Roijaards (b. 1966) comes from a family of actors, but works behind the scenes himself, as a director, writer and teacher. He based his debut Rebel met vleugels (Rebel with Wings) on his youth-theatre play Icarus. Roijaards won a Gouden Kalf at the Nederlands Film Festival in 2012 for his screen­play for the short film Sevilla.

Rebel met vleugels

Rebel met vleugels

Het verhaal van Icarus

(Querido Kind, 2012, 223 pagina's)

Icarus plays only a modest role in Greek mythology. And yet his ill-fated flight to the sun, with wings made by his father, has appealed to the imagination for centuries. Marcel Roijaards became fascinated by the boy and portrays him as an enchanting dreamer in this evocative YA novel.

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