P.C. Emmer

P.C. Emmer is senior lecturer of the history of European expansion in the Atlantic area at the University of Leiden. He was a visiting fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, served as guest professor at the Universities of Texas and Hamburg and is vice-president of the Unesco editorial board of the General History of the Caribbean.

De Nederlandse slavenhandel 1500-1850

De Nederlandse slavenhandel 1500-1850

(De Arbeiderspers, 2000, 259 pagina's)

Dutch historiography has traditionally concentrated on colonial successes in Asia. However, the Dutch were also active in West Africa, Brazil, New Netherland (the present state of New York) and in the Caribbean. In Africa they took part in the gold and ivory trade and finally also in the slave trade, something not widely known outside academic circles. P.C. Emmer, specialist in this field, has now told this story in a study that is as informative as it is readable. He has drawn on his prolonged study of Dutch involvement in the Atlantic slave trade and reviews the most recent academic findings.

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