Bas van Lier

Bas van Lier (b. 1961) is a freelance journalist and writer of informative children’s books on a variety of themes. His titles include books on films, money and royal weddings. Two of his best books are Van schrijver tot boekenkast and Het zeeboek, which won a Zilveren Griffel in 2004.

Hoeveel papier gaat er in een boom

Hoeveel papier gaat er in een boom

(Nieuw Amsterdam, 2010, 108 pagina's)

Hoeveel papier gaat er in een boom? (How Much Paper Goes Into a Tree?) is part seven of the successful “Children’s Questions” series. This time, Bas van Lier answers fifty questions about sustainability – a theme that, strangely enough, has received very little attention in children’s books. The answer to the question in the title is: “With one tree trunk of around ten metres long and thirty centimetres thick, you can make around eight thousand sheets of A4 paper. Enough to print three hundred of these books.”

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