Nicolaas Matsier

Nicolaas Matsier studied classical languages and philosophy and is the author of children’s books, story collections, essays, and the novels Closed House (1994; translated into French and German) and The Forty-Eighth Hour (2005). He has also translated work by authors including Lewis Carroll, Stefan Themerson and Xenofon.

Het bedrogen oog

Het bedrogen oog

De kunst van de trompe-l’oeil

(De Harmonie, 2009, 255 pagina's)

A trompe l’oeil is an artwork that tries not to look like an artwork, a deceptive, realistically painted representation designed to fool the observer. So for best effect a trompe l’oeil is not hung in a frame but discreetly positioned where it will merge with its surroundings. Remarkably, given the prolific production of pictorial practical jokes in the Low Countries, Nicolaas Matsier is the first person to write a Dutch monograph about this maverick genre of European painting.

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