Rienk Vermij

Rienk Vermij gained his doctorate from the Institute for the History of the Natural Sciences at the University of Utrecht and now works at the Department of the History of Science, University of Oklahoma (USA). He has a great many publications to his name on the subject of the history of science, including The Scientific Revolution (1999) and The Calvinist Copernicans (2002).

Christiaan Huygens

Christiaan Huygens

De mathematisering van de werkelijkheid

(Veen Magazines, 2004, 160 pagina's)

As a mathematician and physicist of the second half of the seventeenth century, Christiaan Huygens is regarded as second only to Isaac Newton. He was a central figure in the transformation of physics in that period. He followed in the footsteps of pioneers like Galileo and Descartes in attempting to understand the world purely through mathematical study and carried out pioneering theoretical research in many fields, including mathematics, mechanics, optics and astronomy. He deduced the laws of collision and was active in the fields of probability and light theory. He discovered the rings of Saturn and established that it also had a moon.

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