Carolijn Visser

Carolijn Visser is one of the most successful travel writers from the Netherlands. She has travelled widely in Asia, to which she has devoted several of her books, among which Grijs China (Grey China, 1982), Buigend bamboe (Bowing Bamboo, 1990) and Hoge bomen in Hanoi (Voices and Visions: A Journey Through Vietnam Today, 1993). She has described her meetings with Costa Rican gold diggers in Aan het einde van de regenboog (At the End of the Rainbow, 1986), and her stay with the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua in De kapers van Miskitia (The Raiders of Miskitia, 1997). A few of her more recent titles are Uit het moeras (Out of the Morass, 2000), about Estonia after it became independent, Tibetaanse perziken (Tibetan Peaches, 2003) and Miss Concordia. Vrouwen in den vreemde (Miss Concordia. Women abroad, 2006).

Uit het moeras

Uit het moeras

(Meulenhoff Boekerij, 2000, 286 pagina's)

Countries are in the news for a short while only to vanish from the public eye. Estonia is a case in point: it attracted attention while winning its independence from Russia in 1991; since then this small nation on the Baltic Sea seems to have vanished from view. In Uit het moeras Carolijn Visser relates the gripping story of the Estonians’ struggle to extricate themselves from the Soviet morass. How do people who have never learned to make their own decisions cope with newly-gained freedom?

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