Sem Dresden

Sem Dresden (1914-2002) was professor of French Literature and Comparative Literature at Leiden University, and a president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. His publications include the much-praised studies The Structure of the Biography (1956), and What is Creativity? (1987). Shortly before his death he was awarded the major Dutch literary award, the P.C. Hooft Prize. He ultimately concludes that this medium is the best way to insure that the Holocaust is never forgotten, but he is also critical of misusing and thereby trivializing the greatest tragedy of our century.

Vervolging, vernietiging, literatuur

Vervolging, vernietiging, literatuur

(J.M. Meulenhoff, 1991, 278 pagina's)

Persecution, Extermination, Literature is the most important study of the Holocaust as a theme in contemporary culture and literature to appear in the Netherlands. Erudite and committed it is universally regarded as an international standard work.

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