Karel Glastra van Loon

Karel Glastra van Loon (1962-2005) made his debut with the story collection Vannacht is de wereld gek geworden (The World Went Mad Last Night, 1997), which was shortlisted for the ECI Prize. One of the stories was awarded the Rabobank Spring Prize for Literature in 1997. With journalist Karin Kuiper he co-authored Herman. De biografie van een genetisch gemanipuleerde stier (Herman: The Biography of a GM Bull). Spring 1999 saw the publication of his extremely successful first novel, De passievrucht (published in English as A Father’s Affair), which was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize and awarded the Generale Bank Literature Prize 1999. The book sold over 100,000 copies and is published in 18 languages. In 2001 he published Lisa’s adem (Lisa’s Breath), followed in 2003 by De onzichtbaren (The Invisible Ones).

De passievrucht

(L.J. Veen, 1999, 238 pagina's)

Karel Glastra van Loon’s first novel is a sublime treatment of a fascinating theme. During a hospital test, main character Armin Minderhout discovers that he has been infertile since birth. This comes as a shock, since it implies that his thirteen-year-old son can’t be his. He can no longer raise the issue with the boy’s mother Monika as she has been dead for ten years. Monika was the love of his life, but now it appears she has deceived him at least once.

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