Ella Reitsma-Snoep

Ella Reitsma-Snoep read art history at the University of Utrecht and took her doctorate in 1975 with a study of the genre approach of the eighteenth-century French painter Jean-Baptiste Simon Chardin.

Het huis van de kunstenaar

Het huis van de kunstenaar

(Amsterdam University Press, 2001, 200 pagina's)

In 1927, the German painter Emil Nolde bought a bare knoll in the marshy countryside of Schleswig-Holstein. Here he built a house and a ‘workplace’ of his own design. He expressly avoided the words atelier or studio; such artists as Franz Stuck and Franz Lenback, rich and famous when Nolde was a young man, had ‘ateliers’ in extravagant artists’ palaces filled with marble and tapestries. For Nolde, a pious peasant’s son, trained as cabinet-maker, the artist’s life was one of hard work and solitude.

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