Désanne van Brederode

Désanne van Brederode (b. 1970) studied philosophy and debuted in 1994 with the acclaimed novel Ave verum corpus/Gegroet waarlijk lichaam (Behold the True Body). She further published the novels Mensen met een hobby (People with a Hobby, 2001), Het opstaan (Standing Up, 2004) and Hart in hart (Heart in Heart, 2007).

Mensen met een hobby

Mensen met een hobby

(Querido, 2001, 405 pagina's)

In 1994 Désanne van Brederode made a sensational debut with the novel, Ave verum Corpus/Gegroet waarlijk lichaam (Behold the True Body). In this Bildungsroman she described how a philosophy student becomes a writer, thereby alienating herself from herself through her high ideals. In Mensen met een hobby Van Brederode presents a similar character, Lilly Berkenbosch, who becomes increasingly fascinated by the Norwegian philosopher, Thorwald Hammerson. The author does, however, distance herself from her first book by putting the ideas of her protagonist into perspective.

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