Oskar Verkaaik

Oskar Verkaaik is a journalist and anthropologist who has conducted research in Pakistan over the past ten years. He was awarded a PhD with distinction at the University of Amsterdam for his published dissertation Inside the Citadel: Fun, Violence and Religious Nationalism in Hyderabad, Pakistan (1999). He is currently Assistant Professor at the Research Centre for Religion and Society at the University of Amsterdam.

Sayyid Pakistani en de bruiloft van de dood

Sayyid Pakistani en de bruiloft van de dood

(Bulaaq, 2002, 256 pagina's)

Anyone wanting to understand what has been going on in the world of Islam during recent years would do well to read the new book by anthropologist Oskar Verkaaik. The central theme is political violence and Islam in Pakistan. Because the author’s style is descriptive and anthropological rather than analytical, this book suggests very different underlying reasons for the events described from those normally given by social scientists, journalists, politicians and other foreign analysts - such as poverty, political aspirations or religious fanaticism.

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