Ad van Liempt

Ad van Liempt is the editor-in-chief of the historical television program Andere Tijden (Other Times). He has written a number of books: Een mooi woord voor oorlog (A Nice Word for War) about the first police action in Indonesia, De lijktrein (The Corpse Train) about a fatal prisoner transport in East Java in 1947 and, in collaboration with Ger van Westing, the successful Klem in de draaideur (Stuck in the Revolving Door), which is to be filmed later this year.



Nederlandse premiejagers op zoek naar joden, 1943

(Balans, 2002, 300 pagina's)

In the spring of 1943, when the deportation of Dutch Jews was in danger of stagnating, the occupying German forces took a remarkable step: premiums were offered for bringing in Jews who had gone into hiding. Part of the staff of the Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung (Central Office for Jewish Emigration) was given the task of tracking down Jews. This became the Recherchegruppe Henneicko (‘Henneicke Column’) and to a large extent it was the premiums, the kopgeld – literally ‘head-money’ –, that stimulated their activities.

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