Arnoud Wierstra

De grote dag

A wordless picture book packed with fun and silliness

Arnoud Wierstra tells stories without words. His detailed illustrations reveal a dream-like world that invites the reader to leaf backwards and forwards through the book.

The musician is in love. The book does not say so, but the clues are everywhere: the photograph of the girl that he carries with him like a treasure, the poster covered with hearts, the marks on the wall that are counting down the days… Tomorrow is the Big Day, and he’s going to see her again.

In this wordless picture story, Arnoud Wierstra shows how his protagonist becomes lost in a muddled dream, the night before their reunion. Walls and floors disappear, leaving household objects floating in mid-air, and revealing the next-door neighbour in his bath. With his dynamic lines, Wierstra creates a world full of slapstick and absurdity, as the musician encounters many obstacles in his wild and wacky journey to find his sweetheart.

Wierstra draws with a great eye for detail and inserts humorous visual stories that run throughout the text. There’s so much to see in his cartoon-like illustrations.

Wierstra loves spaciousness: he places everyday adventures within hallucinatory panoramas and then starts to play around with them.

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Arnoud Wierstra

Arnoud Wierstra (b. 1968) began his studies at art school but moved into psychology. In 2010, he made his debut with the wordless picture book Feest (Party), in which thirteen characters are on their way to the same birthday party. One of those characters returns as the protago­nist of his second…

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De grote dag (2013). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 36 pagina's.


Arnoud Wierstra

Age: 4+

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