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Coursing towards a furious climax

The essence of a thriller is usually to be found in sus­pense that is built up step by step and erupts in a cracking finale. Fotofinish (Photo Finish), courses towards a furious climax but also contains Jac. Toes’s trademark psychological devel­opment, an ingenious plot, and carefully chosen language.

The psycho­logical action thriller Fotofinish, for which Toes won the Golden Noose for the best Dutch thriller, tells the story of criminal-justice lawyer whose past catches up with him.

Stan Dewende is head of his office’s running club which participates in competi­tions in the region. At one of these meets, Dewende believes that he has spotted a former colleague of his. But surely that’s impossible, that colleague never recovered from a serious acci­dent? After the accident he’d handed in his resignation and dis­appeared from view, liberating Stan Dewende of a rival for the top position in the lawyer’s office.

The way to success lay open, in both the private and the business world. But at a subsequent meet, he sees the man appear behind him again. Is he becoming paranoid, or is his former colleague and rival really following him? The runner’s panting breath drives the book onwards to its culmination in a refined form of revenge for dramatic events of the past.

A flawless plot and a perfect thriller.

VN Detective en Thrillergids

The most talented stylist of all the Dutch thriller authors.

HP/De Tijd


Jac. Toes

Jac. Toes (b. 1950) studied Dutch literature and general linguistics, and then worked as a teacher. His work is characterized by meticulous research. The author wishes to write as realistically as possible, right up to the point of describing feelings and respiration during a race, without pushing…

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Fotofinish (1997). Fictie, 125 pagina's.

Thema's: crime


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