Chris Rippen

Eeuwige stranden

Pirates of the Caribbean with a twist

In his much-acclaimed novel, Eeuwige stranden (Never-ending Beaches), Chris Rippen transports his readers to the Caribbean where he immerses them in the steamy moodi­ness of modern buccaneering. With this evocative and atmospheric book, he keeps pace with Frank Martinus Arion and Tip Marugg, the literary ambassadors of the Dutch-language Antilles.

The main character, Murk Stuart, is asked to track down a former acquain­tance - fugitive drug dealer Xander Bijlefeld. He accepts the assignment since it will allow him to be reunited with his brother Victor, part of Bijlefeld’s entourage. In Mar­tinique he is thrown in with a rowdy gang of anarchistic seamen who regard him with total mistrust. Stuart is tricked, abused and given erroneous information, until he eventually becomes disenchanted with the entire venture.

The particular tranquillity of the Caribbean is misleading, certainly in Rippen’s work. The author wrong-foots the reader in his carefully embroidered plot and only when the story moves to the more familiar climes of the Netherlands does it become apparent that Stuart has joined up with the pirates. Up until the very end, Rippen manages to sustain both the main plot and the true events behind a handful of subplots, ultimately unfurling these in a remarkable manner.

Rippen is a composed, exceptional stylist who knows how to make the unbearable heat tangible. But he is also an excellent thriller writer who can captivate the interest of his readers throughout his novels. Eeuwige stranden is a splendid psychological thriller, an ingenious book with an attractive atmosphere of humour and romance.

Stylistically balanced, subtly exciting, and with at least as much feeling for the characters as for the plot.

Het Parool

Rippen constructs a credible and animated plot, popu­lated with characters who leave no one cold. With the changing angles of approach and the stratification of the characters, the reader is wrong-footed on more than one occasion. Astutely conceived and elaborated in an original fashion.

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Chris Rippen

Chris Rippen (b. 1940) has been among the top Dutch crime fiction authors for many years. He made his debut in 1988 with the novel Sporen (Traces), which dealt with the death of a resistance fighter in 1943 and the consequences of this death for later generations. In 1992, he won the Golden Noose…

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Eeuwige stranden (2005). Fictie, 317 pagina's.

Thema's: crime


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