Thomas Rosenboom

Vriend van verdienste

Thrilling and haunting novel about friendship and betrayal

How far would you go for friendship? This is the subject of the novel An Honorable Friend based upon a controversial affair which took place in the early 1960s in the wealthy village of Baarn.

Two teenage aristocratic brothers, Otto and Pieter, keep their friend Theo locked up in a turret because they’ll fear they’ll get into trouble if he is discovered. The police want to talk to Theo about the theft of a scooter, but the brothers also had him steal a valuable object for them – which he did in order to become their friend.

At first, the atmosphere is jovial: we’ve got someone in hiding, we can outsmart all of them. But hiding Theo becomes increasingly dangerous and the brothers are repeatedly confronted with this.

The situation becomes untenable; hiding becomes captivity. In the heat and isolation, things get more and more out of hand, until it all comes to a head in a brutal murder – of the wrong person. Unforget­table and chilling to the very last page.

His use of language is already on a par with the best prose I’ve ever read.

Vrij Nederland

An alarmingly fine book.

Arnhemse Courant

Thomas Rosenboom

Met Gewassen vlees (1994), het vuistdikke boek over de diabolische Willem Augustijn van Donck en met Publieke Werken (1999) over de tragische neergang van een apotheker en een vioolbouwer uit de negentiende eeuw, deed Thomas Rosenboom (1956) de critici en het lezerspubliek versteld staan. Beide…

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Vriend van verdienste (1985). Fictie, 272 pagina's.



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