Laurentien van Oranje en Sieb Posthuma

Mr. Finney

Mr Finney lives in a house he built himself and he knows every inch of his garden. He usually sits with his best friend Snail on the lowest branch of his favourite tree, but their peaceful life changes when Pinky Pepper arrives, a bright pink flying creature that zaps all over the world at great speed.

On her SuperBiBi she shows pictures of cities, oceans, jungles, ice-caps and a mysterious flag, which makes Mr Finney curious about the world beyond his garden. He decides to go on a journey. He meets all kinds of animals and discovers that the world is not always beautiful. But he also learns that it is helpful to ask questions and that the answers are sometimes closer than you think.

An entertaining book that looks splendid. The descriptions of Finney’s inner world are good, as are the dialogues – there is a hint of poetry about them although they never cloy. Sieb Posthuma excels himself with his full-colour drawings.



Laurentien van Oranje

Laurentien van Oranje has been an active campaigner against illiteracy for many years and in 2004 she set up the Reading and Writing Foundation. UNESCO recently appointed her its Special Envoy on Literacy for Development.

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Mr. Finney (2009). Kinder- en jeugdboeken.
Aantal woorden: 22.394
Oplage: 22.500


Sieb Posthuma


Querido Kind

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Literair agent

Missing Chapter Foundation

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