Linda Groeneveld

De ijsfabriek

A comical fairytale about an ice-cream man’s daughter who doesn’t like ice-cream

‘Ice-cream Boss’s Daughter Hates Ice-cream!’ This dramatic news makes the headlines in Linda Groeneveld’s funny fairytale De ijsfabriek. Beachcomber Andrei Zozokof makes such a success of selling ice-cream that his business expands until he has a chain of factories all over the world. Everyone is full of admiration for his amazing career – everyone, that is, except for his daughter. Zozokof finds her attitude hard to accept.

Linda Groeneveld writes and illustrates light-hearted fairy stories that are gentle parodies of the classics. Her books are a fun read for adults who are reading along with their children, and, of course, for children who are familiar with the genre of the fairytale, which is one of the few genres in which authors can make literary jokes that children will understand. Groeneveld does this with palpable pleasure. Her approach is a breath of fresh air, particularly for her young readers.

It helps that Groeneveld has chosen a subject that is close to children’s hearts: food. In her wonderfully entertaining Een pannenkoek voor de koningin (A Pancake for the Queen, Nieuw Amsterdam, 2007), she tells the story of Kobus the cook, who really, really wants to cook for the queen. And, after years of haute cuisine, the queen actually quite fancies a pancake. Groeneveld has a great talent for creating fun stories for children, without ever resorting to easy laughs. Her mockserious, slightly naive pen drawings bring the text to life.

Linda Groeneveld’s books are full of an infectious charm – her stories remain with the reader.

The Ice-Cream Factory is another flawless tale from Groeneveld, whose sentences are a pleasure to read.

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The Ice-Cream Factory tastes as fresh as lemon sorbet and seems to have been made to a traditional recipe.


Linda Groeneveld

Linda Groeneveld (b. 1961) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She made her debut with Draken spelen niet met vuur (Dragons Don’t Play with Fire), which she exhibited at the children’s book fair in Bologna and then at a number of museums in Japan. She has gone on to illustrate a…

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De ijsfabriek (2008). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 101 pagina's.

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