Marjet Huiberts en Sieb Posthuma

Feodoor heeft zeven zussen

Just imagine it happened to you: seven older sisters, all of them crazy about you. It may sound nice, but it isn’t. And that’s what Feodoor finds out in Feodoor heeft zeven zussen (Feodoor Has Seven Sisters).

Going to bed takes hours because they all want a kiss and are scared of the dark. Getting dressed ends up with Feodoor completely bundled up: seven sets of clothes on top of one another. Being ill can be a killer, because seven doctors immediately come running. And when they go camping, the seven sisters naturally sing all hundred verses of the campfire song, until the sun comes up again.

He only really has any fun on his birthday. Because that’s when Feodoor, as is right and proper, gets to call the shots. And then the sisters, after he’s unwrapped seven presents, have to do tricks in his circus!

Marjet Huiberts poetically combines five wonderful episodes with just as much rambunctious pleasure in rhyming as the famous Annie M.G. Schmidt. Illustrator Sieb Posthuma does what he’s good at and supports the story with pictures that are robust, yet also soft, in which he mixes ink and watercolour, pen and brush. The only one who doesn’t always have the best of times is Feodoor himself. What a bunch, those seven sisters!

By Pjotr van Lenteren

A captivating book, full of humour.

Friesch Dagblad

This is humour that kids will lap up! (…) Funny and familiar. (…) A superb piece of work!


Marjet Huiberts

Marjet Huiberts (b. 1960) wrote for the theatre and children’s television for years before entering the literary world with her light-hearted rhyming picture books. One title from her popular Aadje Piraatje-series about a little pirate has been translated into Chinese, and her book Mijn zusje

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Feodoor heeft zeven zussen (2006). Fictie, 48 pagina's.


Sieb Posthuma

Age: 4+



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