Charles den Tex

De macht van meneer Miller

Golden Noose 2006

An office without a computer has become an anomaly. Nowadays no office can do without, and in almost every home there’s one softly humming somewhere. But what if all those computers have a secret little back door? What if there is an organization that has access to all those pc’s and uses the information for its own dark purposes? Charles den Tex has taken this nightmare scenario as the basis for Mr Miller and it won him the award for the best Dutch-language thriller in 2006.

The plot revolves around a secret organization that pries into computers of the government, multinationals, European organizations, even the personal computers of government officials. All this information is worth a fortune to a worldwide consulting firm. The possibilities are endless: foreknowledge of the stock market, manipulating decisions at both a bureaucratic and political level by adjusting information, putting competition out of business by changing police records. It is so lucrative for the firm that when an employee stumbles on the system, he becomes a risk and his life is in danger.

Den Tex places this modern version of the struggle between good and evil in the world of consulting, where, as a former company consultant, he is quite comfortable.

His descriptions of this complacent, arrogant world demonstrate his knowledge and insight. In Mr Miller, Charles den Tex again proves that he writes beautifully.

The rising suspense, the murders, the inevitability of computer technology, and the idea that governments and multinationals are unknowingly working with hacked computers make this book so appealing that it is hard to put down.

Jury Report

In The Power of Mr Miller Charles den Tex introduces a communications consultant who had witnessed a murder. And that’s not all. Michael Bellicher comes across a worldwide conspiracy to replace the information stored in our computers with a virtual reality that the individuals and companies involved can use to their advantage in the political arena. Den Tex writes with a clarity and precision that are exceptional in the Dutch language. Although The Power of Mr Miller is action-packed, the author also takes the time to parse the complicated relationship between Bellicher and his brother. This makes the book a truly all-encompassing thriller.

Clear, compelling prose. A must.

VN detective & thrillergids (5 stars)

Incredibly exciting, tightly written story.

de Volkskrant

His language constantly sparkles and surprises.

NRC Handelsblad

A singular mix of action, interaction, contemplation, and fantasy.



Charles den Tex

Charles den Tex (b. 1952) is the Netherlands’ leading thriller writer. His work has won all the major prizes in crime fiction and has been translated into several languages. He was born in Camberwell (Australia) in 1952 and moved to the Netherlands in 1958. In London he studied photography and…

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De macht van meneer Miller (2005). Fictie, 392 pagina's.

Thema's: crime


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