Lydia Rood


Marjon is the daughter of the famous actor Toon Mandersloot. When she bumps into him one afternoon after school, she’s not in the mood for chatting. But Toon manages to talk her into going for a walk in the woods with him.

When they arrive at the open-air theatre, Toon suggests that they do a bit of acting and put on a play. But the scenes that Marjon and her father act out sometimes suddenly diverge from the original story. Then it’s all about Marjon and Toon and Marjon gets to know a completely different father.

This is a wonderful story in which the development of both the characters and the storyline is fascinating and compelling. Toon and Marjon come to life in such a way that the unexpected end of the story is very poignant indeed.

In Kus, Lydia Rood demonstrates that her oeuvre is one of timeless class.

De Volkskrant

A little masterpiece (…) An unexpected ending that gives the reader goose bumps. Kus once again demonstrates that Lydia Rood is one of the top Dutch children’s authors.


Lydia Rood shows wonderful ingenuity in keeping even the attentive reader uncertain about how the story is going to end.


Lydia Rood

Lydia Rood (b. 1957) studied journalism and Spanish and began her career as a journalist and editor at de Volkskrant. She wrote her first children’s book while she was studying, but did not devote herself entirely to writing until 1991. She is best known as an author for young adults, but she…

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Kus (2005). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 96 pagina's.

Age: 10+


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