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Overwhelming and compelling

Rarely has a book for young adults been so eagerly anticipated as Tricks of the Trade, the third book by the popular young author Floortje Zwigtman. She understands better than anyone else that adolescents aren’t looking for a neat book of instructions for the future. These are stories that tell it like it is, historical novels about surviving in conditions where the laws and morals of polite society no longer seem to apply.

Tricks of the Trade is Zwigtman’s best novel to date. Adrian Mayfield is born in the poor East End of Victorian London, the son of a pub landlord and a seamstress. However, a different career lies in store for him.

It’s not a scenario that the street-hardened lad could have envisaged: a wealthy older gentleman falls in love with him and takes him home. The man is Augustus Trops, a second-rate artist from Flanders. He introduces Adrian to the flamboyant circle of Oscar Wilde, where he meets other men like Augustus and finds work as an artist’s model. The work pays well and he meets the most interesting and powerful people of his time.

Adrian is very pleased with his new life at first. Everything appears to be going swimmingly. Until, that is, London’s beau monde decamps to Europe for the summer holidays, as happens every year.

Adrian, by now accustomed to luxury, ends up without any income. In a male brothel he discovers the flip side of his new life in the twofaced London of the nineteenth century, where gossip, blackmail and brutal police violence make homosexuality a highly dangerous way of life. Then he faces the choice of whether to put his integrity and his friendships on the line so that he doesn’t have to live in a mouldy, cockroach-infested garret.

Tricks of the Trade is an intense book that is difficult to put down. It draws the reader in without resorting to cheap sensationalism. This is a result of Zwigtman’s unique ability to combine critical distance with open intimacy. The raw, breathtaking writing of this sharp, historical portrait really makes the reader think about life. Zwigtman is one of the great modern writers of books for young adults.

Pjotr van Lenteren

A ‘Great Dutch Novel’ for not-yet-adults, which will also entertain older readers with its glimpses into the world of Oscar Wilde.

NRC Handelsblad

Tricks of the Trade is a masterpiece with international appeal.

De Volkskrant

Tricks of the Trade is a real doorstopper of a book, packed with pure reading pleasure (…). This is a brilliantly depicted world, full of questions and puzzles and menace, money and talent and pleasure, and conversations, loaded with elegance and

De Standaard


Floortje Zwigtman

Floortje Zwigtman (b. 1974) is one of our most promising, remarkable and fearless contemporary writers of books for young people. Rather than following fashion, she writes lengthy historical novels, based on extensive research. Her debut Spelregels (The Rules of the Game, 2001) was followed by…

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Schijnbewegingen (2005). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 505 pagina's.

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