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Ons geld is stuk

Waarom bitcoin de oplossing is

Our money is broken. For a growing group of people it is becoming increasingly difficult to build wealth. They start their careers with a hefty student debt. Houses have become unaffordable. There is no longer interest to be earned on savings.

Worldwide, billions of people live under financial censorship and have to contend with high inflation. Their bank accounts are closed because they stand up for minorities or support the opposition. Or they work overseas and have to pay outrageous fees to send their wages to their families back home. Bitcoin could be part of the solution. This radical new money system is ideally suited to a digital future. It is programmable money, an open protocol that anyone can build applications on.

The authors do not guarantee that bitcoin will be a success. In fact, they are clear about the many kinds of ways in which it can fail. But they also see the ways it can succeed and transform the world.

The writing style is what makes Our Money Is Broken so accessible. […] All the relevant aspects are handled: the current monetary system, the role of inflation, economic trends, the solutions cryptocurrency can offer and the possible role bitcoin can play in this.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Bert & Peter Slagter

Brothers Bert and Peter Slagter are well known in the Dutch bitcoin world. Their ability to explain complex issues in an understandable way has made them popular with readers, listeners and viewers.

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Ons geld is stuk. Waarom bitcoin de oplossing is (2021)., 304 pagina's.

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