Eva Coolen


One sweltering summer, two checkout girls run away together after having done something they weren’t supposed to.

They feel as if they’re in their own road movie: sleeping in hotels or in the car, living on sugared donuts and takeaway coffee. But beneath the facade of the clichés the girls are trying to emulate is their struggle with issues of care and neglect and suffering, and how society judges those who’ve undergone plastic surgery.

Regeneration is a moving, cinematic novel, full of apt observations and metaphors, all about trauma and healing.

More than a road movie, Regeneration is a heartbreaking portrait of two young girls growing up in poverty, unable to shake off their shame.

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Eva Coolen

Eva Coolen made her debut in 2019 with The Sea Monster or The Sea, in which a woman spends the entire novel lying under a table, refusing to come out. Coolen grew up in Lelystad, where she spent her summer vacations working as a supermarket checkout girl, waiting to make her escape.…

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Regeneratie (2021). Fictie, 440 pagina's.
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