Pieter van den Heuvel

De verhuisdieren

Animals on the Move is four metres long. The pictures can be looked at individually but they open up to reveal a long procession of animals on their way to a new house with all their belongings. For this debut, Pieter van den Heuvel has chosen a concertina form, and the result is a picture book that is both spectacular and original.

The animals take a leisurely stroll from a countryside setting to an urban area. The threat of the monstrous foot in the drily comical conclusion places a nice exclamation mark at the end of the story.

There’s something amusing about each of the animals, drawn in dark pencil coloured with watercolour. A giraffe in spotty boots is carrying a cat in its mouth. A moose has a piano on its back – and a sloth has fallen asleep on top of the piano. The rhyming sentences swirl across the pages. This spectacle is a delight for the eyes.

It’s a party, this book.

Pieter van den Heuvel - De verhuisdieren

Pieter van den Heuvel

Animals on the Move is Pieter van den Heuvel’s children’s book debut. His detailed illustrations guarantee hours of viewing pleasure. The longer you look, the more funny details you spot. Critics have called him ‘the discovery of the year’.

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De verhuisdieren (2020). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 28 pagina's.

Age: 3+
28.6 x 22 cm
Sample translation available

Thema's: prentenboek



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