Jelle Jolles

Leer je kind kennen

Over ontplooiing, leren, denken en het brein

Puberty as a time of opportunity and growth

Children and teenagers are ‘works in progress’. A child starts on the path towards adulthood at the age of eight and won’t have reached its end until long after turning twenty. In that process, the role of parents and guardians is essential.

Jelle Jolles, a professor of neuropsychology and the author of the bestselling The Teenage Brain, explains how you can better understand your child and give them the space to develop their learning, thinking and behaviour precisely in those teenage years. In this illuminating book, he argues for a change of attitude in our society: adolescence is a period of opportunity and possibility, not of doom and gloom.

Jelle Jolles, author of books about teenage development, gives advice. What do we learn? Adolescents are not nearly as incomprehensible as we think.

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Jelle Jolles

Jelle Jolles (b. 1949) is professor of Neuropsychology and director of the Centre for Brain, Learning & Education at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has published on various fields within the large domain of Brain & Behavior.

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Leer je kind kennen. Over ontplooiing, leren, denken en het brein (2020). Non-fictie, 335 pagina's.

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