Elke Wiss

Socrates op sneakers

Praktische gids voor het stellen van goede vragen

The art of asking questions, according to Socrates

In a time when everyone trumpets over each other and opinions are quickly assigned the same value as facts, connection is often hard to find. Many of our conversations are more of a debate than a dialogue. We would rather speak than listen, we do not have time to ask questions.

Drawing inspiration from Socrates and other philosophers, Elke Wiss shows us why we are so bad at asking good questions, and how we can become better at it.

In Socrates in Sneakers, Elke Wiss makes a passionate plea for asking good questions that stimulate, enrich and deepen interpersonal contact.

Practical philosopher Elke Wiss tells us what we can learn from Socrates about the art of a beautiful argument.

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Elke Wiss

Elke Wiss is a theater-maker and practical philosopher. She writes and directs theater productions, and gives trainings and workshops in practical philosophy and the art of asking questions. Wiss also conducts Socratic dialogues within organizations and offers individual philosophical…

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Socrates op sneakers. Praktische gids voor het stellen van goede vragen (2020). Non-fictie, 224 pagina's.
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