F. Springer

Teheran. Een zwanenzang

A moving love story during the 1979 Iran revolution

One of the most international of Dutch authors – earning comparison to Graham Greene for both his international settings and the clarity of his style – Springer has a cool eye for his characters’ weaknesses. A typical Springer novel presents these failings with humour and mild irony, using a major political upheaval as a setting.

This novel tells the story of Toby Harrison, the author of a series of popular histories that rely on fantasy and jokes rather than facts. Convinced he’s landed the biggest fish of his career, Harrison travels to Iran to write a family history for the Shah.

Springer gives an insider’s account of the origins of the Islamic Revolution, describing the old regime’s bureaucrats, the Western hangers-on gathered at the Hilton and the Shah himself. As the dark ages descend on Tehran, Harrison’s infat- uation with his secretary, Patricia Jahanbari, the embodiment of the modern secular Iran of the 1970s, propels him and the book to a crushing, dismal ending. This abrupt swing from comedy to tragedy is vintage Springer.

  • Full German translation by Helga van Beuningen available.

F. Springer

F. Springer (1932-2011), een van de meest geliefde vertellers uit de Nederlandse letteren, was het pseudoniem van Carel Jan Schneider. Als diplomaat en bestuursambtenaar voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden zwierf Schneider over de wereld. Al zijn standplaatsen – Nieuw-Guinea, New York, Bangkok…

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Teheran. Een zwanenzang (1991). Fictie, 376 pagina's.
Aantal woorden: 120.000

Thema's: diplomatie klassiek


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