Marjet Huiberts en Milja Praagman

Ebbie in de wasbak

An inventive book for toddlers that encourages language development

The bright-blue monkey Ebbie needs a wash. ‘Do you want to go in the bath, Ebbie?’ the book says. ‘No, Ebbie does not want to go in the bath. The bath is too big.’ This clever dialogue form invites interaction between book, parent and toddler.

Ebbie does not want to go in the shower or in the washing machine. That last suggestion actually makes him cry: ‘It was a joke! Sorry! Kiss?’ Ebbie wants to sit in the washbasin.

Playfully, this perfect text presents not only new words, but also the concept of comforting someone, the routine of washing (soap, rinsing, drying), opposites (warm/cold, dirty/clean), parts of the body (soap on your tummy/legs), and there’s room for a bit of fun too, because when Ebbie is covered in soapy suds, he looks just like a snowman! In combination with the clear, simple illustrations, this is a textbook example of a successful read for toddlers. Part two (published spring 2020) is Ebbie zonder speen (Ebbie Without a Dummy).

A great, succinct text. Original too, which is tricky with this age group […] A fun new series!

Edward van de Vendel

It seems very simple, but when you start analysing it, it’s very well done. My daughter is two and knows it by heart. It works beautifully.

Nieuwsweekend, NPO Radio 1

Marjet Huiberts

Marjet Huiberts (b. 1960) wrote for the theatre and children’s television for years before entering the literary world with her light-hearted rhyming picture books. One title from her popular Aadje Piraatje-series about a little pirate has been translated into Chinese, and her book Mijn zusje

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Ebbie in de wasbak (2019). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 26 pagina's.


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