Martine Bijl


Winner of the 2019 NS Readers’ Prize (Publieksprijs)

Over 200,000 copies have been sold of Martine Bijl’s heart-rending and gripping account of recovery from a brain haemorrhage.

Written with humour and panache, she describes her time in a rehabilitation centre where she has to relearn everything, before being hospitalized for an ensuing depression. Her language skills remained unaffected throughout.

A book about therapists, well-being, language, learning to fall and occupational therapy, about fears and delusions, about what it feels like when someone else has crawled into your brain and threatens to take it over.

Wry, witty, terrifying, heart-breaking.

de Volkskrant

Stunning. Honest and smart, never maudlin: Bijl knows how to write lightly about an extremely heavy topic.

NRC Handelsblad


Martine Bijl

Martine Bijl (1948-2019) was an actress and writer.

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Rinkeldekink (2018). Non-fictie, 128 pagina's.

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