Stine Jensen

Alles wat ik voel

Het grote emotieboek

Finding words for big emotions, from courage, hope and pride to fear, disgust and shame.

This is a book that helps children to find words for big emotions, for when you have big, big feelings, but not the words to describe them.

The philosopher Stine Jensen focuses on twenty emotions: from courage, fear and hope to pride, disgust and shame. Being sad because your cuddly toy has disappeared. Hoping that the nicest boy in the class likes you too. Not inviting a classmate to your birthday party out of revenge. Jensen explores the many facets of emotions. Anger doesn’t necessarily have to be negative, and embarrassment also has a function and can come in very handy.

The experiences of children themselves are covered in detail, and the author addresses the target group directly with personal questions: ‘When was the last time you were furious?’

Stine Jensen

Stine Jensen (b. 1972) is a Danish-Dutch philosopher and writer who is known for her TV appearances and has written several books for adults and children. She won a Zilveren Griffel for a children’s book about the big important questions of life. She is also a literary critic for NRC Handelsblad.…

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Alles wat ik voel. Het grote emotieboek (2017). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 160 pagina's.
Aantal woorden: 24.000

Age: 8+
with illustrations by Marijke Klompmaker


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