Angela Maas

Hart voor vrouwen

De cardionloog over het vrouwenhart

Why the female heart requires different medical treatment from the male

Heart disease has been the number one global cause of death among women for many years now but still every day women are treated according to measures developed by and for men, leading to confusion, unclear diagnoses and often incorrect treatment.

Within medicine, cardiology affords the most striking examples of sex differences mattering. The way in which the heart and circulatory system ages in women is essentially different from men’s, heart attacks differ, the menopause has an effect and there are other gender-specific ills.

This book is based on years of research by a pioneer in female heart care.

Angela Maas

Angela Maas is registered as a cardiologist since 1988 and has developed a main interest in heart disease and its prevention in women over the past 20 years.

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Hart voor vrouwen. De cardionloog over het vrouwenhart (2019). Non-fictie, 208 pagina's.


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