René ten Bos


Holland’s Philosophy Laureate on Extinction

‘I mistrust any idea or thought that doesn’t dare face up to the gaping hole within’ is ten Bos’s starting point for a philosophical reassessment of extinction and climate change.

In a style reminiscent of French philosopher Michel Serres, ten Bos argues that humankind is scarcely touched by the extinction of many species because they disappear without being noticed. If we do wish to be affected we need to recognize the essential value of their existence, but our knowledge constantly falls too short for this. We would rather feed the illusion that we are in control. Will humankind’s ‘speculative’ future extinction allow us to take the step towards caring enough to effect change?

René ten Bos

René ten Bos (b. 1959) is professor of philosophy at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and philosopher laureate for 2017 in The Netherlands. He has published on subjects including organizational ethics, strategic management and gender issues. His talks have made him a speaker much in demand among…

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Extinctie (2019). Non-fictie, 256 pagina's.



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