Willem Asman


Many years ago, Tyler testified against her husband and she now goes by a new name in Amsterdam, where she lives with her daughter Charlie. In accordance with the rules of the witness protection programme, no one knows about her past life, not even her daughter.

When Charlie opens her mother’s safe, she discovers that her father is still alive and decides to try and find him. She makes an appointment with someone who has information for her, but when she arrives at the agreed location, she’s dragged into a minibus and kidnapped.

At the same time, a brutal attack takes place in Miami on an old marshal – the same man who helped Tyler escape into the witness program. As soon as Tyler hears about her daughter’s abduction and the attack on the one person she trusts, she tries to get in touch with her contact person from the witness protection programme. The response she receives raises even more questions for her: they are not aware of her case. Should she doubt that she was ever even in that programme? And where did they take her daughter?

Asman uses a range of perspectives to create a great impression of what it means to take on a new identity and to start a new life in a foreign country, without any contact to your past. Enter is a thriller with international allure. We’re eagerly awaiting parts II and III!

VN Detective & Thriller Guide

Time and time again, Asman pulls unexpected plot twists out of his hat. Who can and can’t we trust?

Noordhollands Dagblad

Enter is extremely thoroughly plotted.


Willem Asman

Willem Asman (b. 1959) studied law in Amsterdam. He’s previously published the thrillers The Cassandra Paradox (2006), Brittanica (2009), Wonderman’s Endgame (2009) and Queen’s Day (2010). In 2018 his novel Enter was awarded the Gouden Strop, the most important Dutch crime novel award.…

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Enter (2017). Fictie, 344 pagina's.

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Thema's: crime


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